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Original Silver Plated Buescher Aristocrat Series Alto Sax - Serial # 336952

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Buescher SIlver Plate Aristocrat

Very nice original silver plated Buescher Aristocrat alto sax, serial number 336952. You don't often see Bueschers of this vintage in silver plate, making this one stand out among the crowd. It is in excellent shape with a recent overhaul, and is ready to go for its next owner.


The silver plating shows normal wear on the keys and touch points, as seen in the photos, but the body itself shows excellent coverage. Physically, there's some very minor past dent work in the bottom bow, but no serious past work or trauma. The original neck is in fantastic shape. Only one or two resolders on the body of the horn, which are hard to spot since the work was done very well, and it blends into the silver plate. This alto was recently fully restored by Zach Flynn out of Vegas, and has all new pads and material, and has been precisely adjusted. All of the original Buescher snap-in metal resonators are still present, and most of the original gold plated Norton springs as well (only a couple have been replaced as needed). The sax also has a couple nice additions: some quality custom risers on the palm keys and low C, for increased dexterity when playing.


This alto plays just as you want from a quality vintage Buescher Aristocrat: very responsive and lively, with a warmer tone overall and a slightly spread characteristic. The silver definitely seems to add color to an already lush sounding family of instruments. The action under your fingers is open and quick. It's a fun horn to play, at a price that won't break the bank.