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Original Silver Plated Buescher Aristocrat 'Big B' Alto Sax - Serial # 301652

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Product ID: 301652BigBAlto


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Fresh Overhaul with Prestini Black Kangaroo Pads

This is a freshly restored Buescher Aristocrat “Big B” engraved (model 140) alto sax, serial number 301652. This horn is in beautiful original silver plate, and was overhauled in the Saxquest repair shop by Josh Creekmore. It has a brand new set of Prestini black kangaroo pads and has been precisely adjusted for a quick and lively feel.


The original silver plate on this Buescher looks great, with 99% original plating intact. There's some minor finish wear on a few touch points and it is a bit worn on the neck, but that's about it. The only previous repair that I can spot is some past dent work in the bottom bow area. There are no other previous repairs, including no resolders. All pads and material have been replaced, and it feels smooth and comfortable under your fingers. It still retains all of the original Buescher snap-in metal resonators, with new stainless steel screw-in springs.


This Big B plays with a warm tone, with a lot of resonance, thanks to a lightning-fast response. Bueschers from this era are known for being lively instruments, and this horn definitely is, while the silver adds warmth and color to its tone. It's rare enough to find a Big B in silver plate, as the vast majority are lacquer, and this one stands out. Ships in its original case.