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Original Silver Plate Buescher True Tone Curved Soprano Sax with High F, Serial #135502

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Product ID: 135502BueshSopSilver


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Buescher True Tone - Includes Saxquest Set-up
This is a vintage Buescher True Tone curved soprano saxophone in original silver plate, serial number 135502. The soprano showcases full range key work from low Bb to high F. It also show cases the split bell keys as well as a pearl touch on the G# key. This soprano is one of the earliest True Tones with a high F palm key we have seen in our shop. Physically this particular soprano is exceptionally nice condition. It does not show any history of major past repair and does not have any trace or re-solders. The body tube, bell, bow and neck crook area are all in fantastic original condition. Its bow cap is perfect and has never been pushed in or otherwise damaged.
The Bueshcer soprano plays with a rich sonic character and plenty of personality. In comparison to the Conn and Martin sopranos of the same vintage the Buescher tend to play with a slightly more refined  “sweet” quality. This soprano is currently in the Saxquest shop awaiting a professional set-up. It ships out in perfect playing condition on a nice set of leather pads and the original Buescher snap resonators. 
Sax ships in original case.