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Original Silver 'Art Deco' Engraved Buescher Aristocrat Alto Sax - Serial # 274842

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Ships with Fresh Polishing & Pad Job Completed

This is an early series Buescher Aristocrat alto sax in original silver plate, serial number 274842. This alto features the early “art deco” style engraving on the bell. It has spent nearly all of its life sitting in its case, and as such, is in pristine physical condition.


Though currently tarnished, the silver plating remains 99% intact, with very little wear that I can see. Even the usual touch points are pristine. The silver plated body and keys, and the gold wash in the bell, all look great. Since the horn will be repadded and polished in our store before shipping, it will come out shining like a brand new horn again. I hand polished a couple spots (the bell, the back of the body tube) just to show off the shine of the original silver; the whole work will look that pretty once we complete it. If the horn hasn't sold by the time we finish the work, new photos will be shown of the completed sax.


It almost goes without saying, but the pads in this horn were very old when we got it. We're going to replace all pads and material, using the original snap-in metal resonators, and retaining the original gold plated Norton springs and Amber rollers. We'll adjust the key heights back to factory specs, and we'll leave it playing better than the day it left the factory in 1936.


I'm excited to play this horn once we complete the work. These early Aristocrats, especially the silver plated models I've played in the past, have a lot of warmth in their tone, without sacrificing presence and resonance. They always have a lush, sweet character of sound. This alto ships with original “01” neck, and in its original hard case.