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Original Selmer AirFlow Table B* for Alto Saxophone

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Product ID: BAirflowAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a very rare mouthpiece for alto saxophone, original Selmer Air Flow B*.  This mouthpiece pre-dates the Selmer “scroll shank” and would have come with a first series Balanced Action. This piece is in exceptional physical condition and shows almost no signs of wear. There was a small ding to the tip at some point in the past but not bad enough to impact the playability.  This is a nice collectors piece for someone looking to round out a collectors Balanced Action or for someone looking for a very dark alto piece.


Sonically, these super early selmer pieces are very similar to the New York Otto Links of the same vintage.  This piece features no baffle and a very low floor with a large chamber, all of these combine to produce a very warm, full, and somewhat quiet sound.  Not unlike a clarinet as opposed to the much louder, brighter direction the instrument took in the 1950’s. Measures .55 or a modern 4.