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Original Nickel Plated Conn 'Chu Berry' Alto Saxophone - Serial # 210619

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Vintage C.G. Conn “Chu Berry” series alto sax in original nickel plate, serial number 210619. This horn is in great shape, with good pads, and is a fantastic option for players seeking the classic American jazz sound on a budget.


This sax has all the features of a late 20's vintage Conn: rolled tone holes (all in great shape), trill G#, fingernail file G# in the table, and microtuner neck (spins freely). The horn has a smattering of chair dings in the bottom bow, but no serious dents or signs of past trauma, including no resolders. The neck has never been pulled down or damaged. The nickel plating stands around 90-95% intact, mostly just minor wear, but the inside of the bell has had the nickel removed and a previous owner sprayed it with a coat of lacquer, perhaps to imitate the gold wash of a silver plated Conn.


You don't see too many nickel plated Conns, it was definitely not a common option, but I've always liked the way these horns play. The nickel seems to resonate more than silver or traditional lacquer, and there's always a certain ring to nickel Conns. This alto is no exception, and it really takes your air well, with a fat, open response. Pads are a couple years old but still sealing great, and the horn really rips. The sax came to us in a soft gig bag; we can swap it to a used hard case if the buyer wishes.