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Original Matte Silver Plated CG Conn Chu Berry Tenor Sax - Serial # 167141

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Product ID: 167141ConnTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Freshly Restored by Saxquest

Wonderful, freshly restored C.G. Conn New Wonder II “Chu Berry” model tenor sax in original silver plate, serial number 167141. This tenor has just been overhauled in the Saxquest repair shop and ships ready to play! It is a fantastic tenor for any lover of the classic American jazz sound.


This looks great with excellent coverage of its original matte silver plating. There is typical finish wear on the touch points and some wear on the back side of the tube where the silver has thinned over the years. All honest playing wear, as the horn has obviously never been abused. In fact, outside of a small previous repair on the bell flare, I see no signs of previous damage or repair. The rolled tone holes, bottom bow, bell-to-body brace, and original neck are all in stellar shape.


This tenor was overhauled in our shop by George Bunk, using premium firm leather pads and oversized, slightly domed seamless metal resonators. It has been set up ideally as a Conn of this vintage should, with medium-open key heights and slightly lighter spring tensions. It feels effortless and smooth under your fingers.


To put it simply, this tenor wails. It is as free blowing and responsive as you will find, with an extremely easy and effortless nature. Very resonant and with a spread open sound, it takes all of the air you can put through it. A great old horn, freshly restored for a new lease on life! Ships in a good Protec shaped case.