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Original Lacquer THE MARTIN ALTO Saxophone - Serial # 208170

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Product ID: 208170MartinAlto

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This is a clean, original lacquer Martin Committee III series alto sax, often called a “The Martin Alto,” serial number 208170. Dating to 1959, this horn remains in very good original condition, with good pads, and will ship with a fresh adjustment from the Saxquest repair shop.


This horn isn't a cherry closet piece, and while it has been out in the wild getting played, it doesn't appear to have ever been abused. The original lacquer still shows very good coverage throughout. There's some minor repairs and dent work here and there, including the thumbrest which has been resoldered as you can see in the photos, but the bottom bow and bell flare are good, and the original neck (with matching serial #) has never been pulled down. This horn is playing well on a set of leather pads with brown plastic resonators. The adjustment corks and felts were starting to age, so the horn is going to get a complete cleaning and regulation from our shop before shipping, where we'll replace any pads or material not up to our standards.


This is a dynamic and free blowing alto, with good response and a tighter core than I was expecting. Really takes your air well and response is fast and lively. It's versatility will lend itself well to any setting you want to gig at, and it won't let you down. A great horn for a hard-to-match price.