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ORIGINAL LACQUER Selmer Super Balanced Action Alto Sax - Serial # 51803

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Very nice original lacquer Selmer Paris Super Balanced Action alto saxophone, serial number 51803. This alto dates to 1953, right at the tale end of the SBA run and the introduction of the Mark VI. As such, it has the same kind of lacquer color as an early Mark VI, with an aged patina that stands out in the crowd.


The original lacquer on this alto is in solid shape, with wear mostly found on the back side of the bell and tube from honest play. The bell flare was once bent on one side, and the sax has seen a couple tiny dimples and dings, but no serious past dent work or trauma. The original neck has the matching serial number, and it has never been pulled down. The sax shows exquisite American style floral engraving that wraps clear around the bell and extends down onto the bottom bow, as seen in the photos.


This alto was last repadded maybe 30 years ago, and pads have definitely aged. To do it up right, we're going to perform a fresh overhaul before shipping. We'll replace all pads and material, using only the best stuff, and optimize spring tensions and keys back to factory specs. The sax still has all of its original factory screwback flat metal resonators, and all of those will be retained. The sax will come to you in perfect adjustment and playing like a new horn again for its next owner.


I spent quite a bit of time with the sax, and even on the older pads, it is an extremely sweet playing alto, with a lush, warm tone. It has a nice core and focus but doesn't feel tight or stuffy, and isn't as centered as a later vintage VI. This gives the player a lot of leeway in taking the horn in the direction you want to go, and I found it to be very flexible. A joy to play, and great for players and collectors alike. It ships in its original Chesterfield case, which is in decent overall condition, with one working zipper.