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ORIGINAL LACQUER Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax - Ships with New Pads! - Serial # 104401

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Product ID: 104401MarkVITenor


HELP, I Want One!

Here's the real deal: an original lacquer 1962 vintage Selmer Mark VI tenor sax, serial number 104401. This is a true American engraved Mark VI with original neck (matching serial number). It has had a life of real world playing, but is ready for a new owner to love it.


This is no closet horn, and shows wear as you'd expect for a horn that has been on the road. Even so, it has used but never abused. There are no signs of major past trauma. There's a couple resolders and some minor past dent work, but nothing serious, and the horn is overall straight. The previous owner moved the right hand thumb rest slightly to the left for his comfort, but all else is factory. The original neck has been previously pulled down, and once upon a time had a pick up. This currently has a small patch, but we're going to re-do that work and seal it with a flush plug.


This horn just arrived to us, and it is obvious that it has been sitting for awhile. It needed all new pads, and the spots of bare brass have tarnished, with some minor corrosion. We'll give the horn a complete overhaul in our repair shop. We'll chemically clean the horn to remove the tarnish and grime, and replace all materials, including pads, corks, felts, and springs, using premium firm leather pads and seamless, slightly domed metal reosnators. We'll bring the horn back to factory specs, and the work will be backed by our full year mechanical warranty.


I'm super excited to play this tenor once our work is complete. It has all the makings of a stellar horn: good serial number, straight body, original neck, and, once our overhaul is done, fresh pro pad job and adjustment. It's not a cheap horn, but for an original lacquer Mark VI just outside the “5 digit” territory, it is priced aggressively to sell fast.