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Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax # 117293 - A Real Player!

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Product ID: 117293SelmerMarkVITenor


HELP, I Want One!

Here is a good original lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor saxophone, serial number 117293. This is a Euro-engraved Mark VI, in excellent physical condition and newer pads. This is a great deal on an original lacquer '64 vintage VI.


This horn shows nothing more than honest lacquer wear for a life of use. However, the only past repair I can spot is a single small bend in the bell flare, corrected long ago. There are no dents or previous dent repairs, and amazingly no resolders. The original neck has also never been pulled down or damaged. This horn was repadded somewhat recently, using newer Selmer metal domed resonators. We'll go through it before shipping just to make sure everything is tip-top, but even as it sits, it feels great with a fluid, crisp, and precise action.


I meant to play this horn for a few minutes, and ending up spending a lot longer on it! It really is a lot of fun to play. It takes your air quickly without much resistance, and has a lively response. Its sound stayed full from low Bb up into the altissimo, which just pops effortlessly. A great player's horn.