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Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax with New Pads, Gold Maestro Resos - Serial # 188688

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Product ID: 188688MarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a very nice original lacquer Selmer Mark VI alto saxophone, serial number 188688. This is a true “American engraved” Mark VI, with excellent original lacquer coverage. It has recently been completely overhauled and is ready to go for its new owner.


This sax was recently overhauled before coming to us. The shop used premium firm leather pads and oversized gold Maestro resonators. The action is crisp and tight under your fingers, and is just starting to get that “broken in” feel. Everything is sealing well, top to bottom. The sax did receive a couple dings in shipping to us, but we'll remove those before sending it out to the new buyer, and make sure it is in proper regulation.


As you can see in the photos, the original lacquer on this alto is solid, in the 90% range or so. There's some signs of very minor past dent repair, lacquer creasing and what not around some posts and keyguard feet, but no resolders and no serious past trauma. The sax has some minor pings here and there if you look close, but all purely cosmetic. The original neck was previously pulled down slightly, but has been corrected.


This sax is a big and bold player, with a lot of punch and a definite brighter timbre. It takes all of the air you can push through it and never quits! It's a fantastic little horn, with lots of life to bring years of enjoyment to a new player. Ships in its original Selmer Vanguard case.