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Original Lacquer Selmer Mark VI Alto Sax w/ American Engraving - Serial # 119051

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Product ID: 119051MarkVIAlto


HELP, I Want One!


This is a good original lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI alto sax, serial number 119051. This alto has been out in the real world getting played, and while it shows a couple battle scars, it remains solid top to bottom, and will ship with a full, fresh pro set up from our repair shop.


This alto features American style engraving, with original lacquer. The lacquer shows typical wear for a horn that has been played over its long life. There are 2 previous repairs of note: some dent work in the bottom bow, and the receiver at the top of the body tube popped off and was resoldered at some point. Both repairs are as good as you'll ever see. In fact, at the top of the tube, there's no resolder sticking out around the joint, only some cooked lacquer as evidence of the work. The neck is original to the horn, with the matching serial number stamped in it. It has never been pulled down.


This sax was repadded a few years back and pads are still in good overall condition. A couple in the upper stack are ready to go, so during our adjustment, we'll check all pads and replace any that are on their way out. We'll also replace all key adjustment corks and felts and properly regulation the action top to bottom. It'll feel perfect when you receive it.


This Mark VI takes all of the air you can push through and then some! Outstanding projection and a cutting edge that you will definitely hear at the back of the house. A fantastic sax for today's busy gigging player, and a Mark VI that you won't have to worry about taking to the bar gigs.