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Original Lacquer Late 60s Vintage Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax - Serial # 172431

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Product ID: 172431MarkVITenor


HELP, I Want One!

Here's a great deal for the player looking for a solid Mark VI without spending $6k+. This is an original lacquer, 1969 vintage Selmer Paris Mark VI tenor sax, serial number 172431. This Euro engraved example has been played well and ready to do the same for its next owner. It has newer pads and is priced to move.


This tenor has been around the block, but remains in solid shape. There's past dent work to be found in the bottom bow area, as seen in the photos, and a handful of resolders on the various keyguards around that area. That's really the only past work that I can spot on the horn. The tube is straight, the bell flare has never been bent, and the bell-to-body brace is round and never squashed. The original neck has been pulled down in the past, but has the correct curve on it now. The sax shows moderate lacquer wear, mostly on the backside of the tube and bell, and on the neck, but the “front” of the horn still has excellent lacquer coverage.


This tenor was repadded in the last couple years, and shows like-new pads fitted with Selmer S80 style metal domed resonators. The action feels fluid under your fingers, and it is just starting to get that “broken in” kind of feel. The sax is sealing down to low Bb, so rather than inflate the price with more work, we're selling it as it sits on the current pad job. It is playing up a storm and is good to go for a long time to come.


Often, horns in this serial number range can be a bit brighter, but this Mark VI plays darker than I was expecting, with a very warm sound. Full response in the bottom end. Good horn for the player looking for a darker Selmer sound.