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Original Lacquer Euro Engraved Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone - Serial # 65055

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Product ID: 65055SelmerAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a Euro engraved, original lacquer Selmer Mark VI alto sax, serial number 65055. This alto is in very good condition, with no signs of previous repairs. It is wonderful horn for the player looking for a good early vintage VI which hasn't been put through the mill.


As you can see in the photos, this alto shows decent original lacquer coverage, with wear mostly around the bell. There's scratching and lacquer wear there reminiscent of repeated use on a bad metal stand of some kind. There are no dents or dings in the horn, and no resolders. The original neck has also never been pulled down. This is the complete package, and rare to find such an early example of a Mark VI without any prior repairs.


This alto is currently padded with firm leather pads and brown nylon resonators. The pads are soft and in excellent shape, with lots of life left in them. This horn will get a fresh, thorough adjustment from our repair shop before shipping. We'll replace all of the key adjustment corks and felts, regulate the key heights and spring tensions, and make sure the horn is in optimal playing shape before going out.


This horn feels very comfortable your fingers, with a precise key action and buttery feel. Sonically, it takes your air well with just a hint of positive resistance to give you something to push against. It has an overall darker tone, with nice focus and a strong core, while retaining a feeling of openness. Definitely has lots of punch when you push it! Ships in a cool vintage Selmer Euro hard case.