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Original Lacquer Conn Transitional Chu Berry Tenor #260955 with Naked Lady Engraving!!!

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Product ID: 260955ChuTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Freshly Restored in the Saxquest Shop

This is an exceptional playing “transitional” chu berry tenor.  These horns are most similiar to a New Wonder Series II instrument, having the defining “finger nail file G#” as well as the split bell keys.  However, this run of horns has the 10M naked lady engraving on the front of the bell, as well as the 10M style funnel pip to the neck register key.  It’s rare to see an original lacquer Chu tenor, so the fact that it has the 10M engraving makes it that much cooler!


This horn recently received a full Saxquest restoration by repair tech Ben Reece and is in perfect playing condition.  The overhaul used premium firm valentino pads with seamless metal resonators. The horn ships in perfect playing condition.


Physically, this horn shows signs of previous repair but no serious trauma or evidence of any mistreatment.  There are a handful of resolders to this horn, but only on some of the lower body guard feet.  All of the resolders were done well with minimized damage to the surrounding lacquer. The bell flare and bow cap are both in great condition and show no signs of previous repair.  The original neck is with this horn and is in excellent condition. The neck has a pickup in it when we received it; we removed it, and the work was done correctly using a flush plug.  Similarly, the neck was also very slightly pulled down at some point in the past but has since been corrected back to its true angle. It should be stressed that this was a very minor pulldown.


As a player, this is an exceptional example of a burning Chu tenor.  It takes your air in quick and produces a wall of sound with immediate response without ever feeling like you could push this instrument too hard.  These vintage conns have one of the most unique sounds that a saxophone can produce; the sound is spread and has tons of projection, but should overall be considered on the darker side of the spectrum.  I found the altissimo on this horn to be exceptionally good for a conn. Sometimes the altissimo can be a hair flat on some of these horns, this can be a real deal breaker for someone coming from a selmer or selmer influenced horn that goes sharp in the altissimo, this horn definitely didn't have that problem and the altissimo is dead on.  Don’t miss out on the chance to pick up an original lacquer conn transitional naked lady! Ships out in perfect playing condition in a good hard case.