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Original Lacquer Conn 6M VIII 'Naked Lady' Alto Saxophone - Serial # 279524

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Product ID: 279524Conn6M

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Very nice original lacquer Conn 6M VIII alto sax, serial number 279524. This is an early vintage 6M dating to 1937. It has all the great features of an early “naked lady” engraved Conn, including rolled tone holes and a double socket neck with microtuner, and it has the more highly-desired VIII stamping on both body and neck.


The original lacquer on this alto is in solid shape, in the 80-85% range, with only typical wear for a horn that has been played in the real world. There are a smattering of shallow, minor chair dings in the bottom bow, but no other dents and no resolders anywhere. The original neck has never been pulled down or damaged.


It looks like it has been a number of years since the pads were last replaced, but they don't look to be in bad shape, all fitted with brown plastic resonators. A few in the upper stack could stand to be replaced, but the horn is playing well as it sits unti low D. I think the bell is slightly shifted, so low C down are not playing, and overall the horn could use a tune-up. To keep the price down and offer a great deal for its next owner, we are selling the sax as-is on its current set up.


This alto plays with a quick and lively response, and doesn't require much effort to generate a whole lot of sound. With the characteristic spread sound you'd expect on a vintage Conn, it hits hard and is an effortless player. I don't know what the VIII stamping means, but every one of these I've ever played was a cut above the standard 6M. Ships in its original hard case.