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Original Lacquer Conn 24M Alto Sax - Great for Beginners! - Serial # 7123319

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Product ID: 7123319Conn24MAlto


HELP, I Want One!

This is a very good student level Conn 24M series alto sax, serial number 7123319. This horn is in excellent physical condition but does need to some work to get back in playing condition. We're offering it a bargain price as-is, if you want have it repaired locally, but also offering the option to add a full repad if you'd like us to make it perfect.


Physically, this horn is in great shape. The original lacquer shows only cosmetic scratching and no major wear. There are just one or two tiny dings in the body which are easily removed. The neck has never been damaged or pulled down.


Current pads are actually not in bad shape, but the sax is not playing as it sits. The bell has shifted, so the bell keys aren't sealing, but there are some other leaks going on as well. You may be able to get by on a good adjustment, but we'd recommend a full repad to get it perfect. If you'd like us to do the work, it would include a full disassembly and cleaning, all new pads and material, and fresh regulation. Please allow 8 weeks if you select to have us do the work.