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Original Lacquer Cleveland Era King Super 20 Bari Sax w/ Sterling Silver Neck # 379569

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Our Price: $ 2,500.00

Product ID: 379569Super20BariTC

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Cleveland vintage King Super 20 bari sax in original lacquer, serial number 379569. This horn needs a lot of work to get in playing shape, but as rarely we see an original lacquer Super 20, it is well worth putting some money and time into.


This baritone has all the makings of a sax that spent time in the school system. It has a lot of current and past dents and dents in the upper crook, tube, bottom bow, and bell. My tech is estimating a solid 10+ hours of dent work alone, so it isn't a project for uninitiated. But if you have the proper tools and a lot of patience, it can definitely be properly restored. The saxophone is complete with all original parts/keywork, including the original sterling silver neck. The sax does need a complete rebuild with new pads, material.


We are currently offering this sax as-is at a low price, but if you'd like us to do the work, we'd love to properly restore this one. I'm sure that it will be a killer player once a tech can do it up right. Our overhaul would include all the dent work, clean up of past resolders, all new pads (with metal resonators) and material, with a pro regulation. We'd restore everything back to factory specs, and the sax would feel and play like a new horn. Please allow 12 weeks if you'd like us to do the work.


Once restored, this bari will hang with anything out there. The Super 20 altos and tenors get a lot of attention, but I bet you've never played a bari that was in proper adjustment! It will have the biggest sound around.