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Original Lacquer Buescher Aristocrat BIG B Alto Sax - Serial # 313707

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Product ID: 313707BigBAlto

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This is a vintage, original lacquer Buescher Aristocrat “Big B” engraved alto sax, serial number 313707. This horn dates to 1947, and while it shows a fair amount of lacquer wear, it is original and has never been refinished.


This vintage Buescher has been sitting for many years and is due to be repadded. It needs a complete overhaul, including some minor dent work (on the neck), cleaning, and oiling. We are currently offering the sax “as is” with the option to add the overhaul if you want us to do the work. If that option is selected, please allow 6-8 weeks for the work to be completed. It would include full disassembly and cleaning/sanitizing, all necessary dent work, and all new pads and material. The sax still has its original snap-in metal resonators and gold plated Norton springs, so we'd reuse all of those. If you have bench at home and want to do the work yourself, or if you have a tech who owed you a favor, then buy it as-is and so much the better!


Once repadded, should a fun little player. When in proper regulation, these Big B's have a clear, resonant quality and are very efficient players, offering the player littler resistance. This alto does ship in its original hard case.