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Original Lacquer Buescher 400 'Top Hat & Cane' Alto Sax - Serial # 307566

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Our Price: $ 2,400.00

Product ID: 307566B400Alto

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Very clean original lacquer Buescher 400 “top hat and cane” engraved alto sax, serial number 307566. This is arguably the best (and certainly most popular) jazz alto Buescher ever made, featuring a larger bell and more volume than their Aristocrat series. This example is in fantastic shape and is available for a great price.


The original lacquer on this alto is a solid 90-95% intact, with only typical lacquer wear from a lifetime of use. The horn has certainly never been banged around, and shows no major dents or past dent work, and no resolders. The original neck (with underslung octave key) has never been pulled down or damaged. Really excellent physical condition and better than the majority of Buescher 400's we see.


This alto was recently re-padded in another shop, while retaining all of the original Buescher snap-in metal resonators and a majority of its original gold plated Norton springs. Only a couple springs have been replaced, using stainless steel versions. The pads are in new condition and sealing well, but honestly it isn't the greatest pad job, as the action and feel isn't optimal. Because the horn is playing well though, we've decided to sell this one as-is on its current set up, rather than do a lot of work and inflate the price. If you want the classic warm Buescher sound, this is a great opportunity to pick a pristine example at a fantastic price.

This alto plays with a very fast, lively response. Bueschers have long been known for being resonant instruments, and this alto doesn't disappoint. It takes all of the air you can push through it and then some! Even at max volume though, its tone stays fat and warm. Wonderful jazz horn.