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Original Lacquer American Engraved Selmer Mark VI Alto Saxophone - Serial # 96209

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Product ID: 96209MarkVIAlto

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Nice original lacquer Selmer Paris Mark VI alto sax, serial number 96209. This is a great example of an American engraved early 60's VI. It has new-ish pads and will ship with a fresh adjustment from our repair shop.


The original lacquer on this alto shows moderate wear for a horn that has been out in the real world getting played on for 60 years, but is still has plenty of lacquer coverage remaining. There's some minor repairs here and there, some dent work in the bottom bow (still has a couple tiny dings down there) and 3 or 4 resolders under keyguard feet and whatnot, but no serious past trauma. The original neck has the matching serial number, and it was slightly pulled down in the past, but has been corrected and has the proper curve on it now.


This sax received a full pro repad recently, and has like-new pads fitted with brown plastic resonators. It is just starting to get that “broken in” kind of feel, so we're going to perform a fresh regulation before shipping, where we'll tighten it up again and make sure everything is optimal.


This alto plays with a bold and powerful voice. It isn't as dark as the earlier 5 digit horns, and overall feels more open. Projection is fantastic – it really wails when you move some air through it. Even at full volume though, you don't lose that core, and it doesn't thin in the upper range. Great horn for lead alto work.