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Original Lacquer '5 Digit' Selmer Paris Mark VI Baritone Saxophone - Serial # 95631

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Product ID: 95631MarkVIBari


HELP, I Want One!

Freshly Restored in All New Pads/Material

This is a sweet “5 digit” Selmer Paris Mark VI bari sax in original lacquer, serial number 95631. This bari has just been restored in the Saxquest repair shop and is ready to go! It has been meticulously rebuilt and is playing up a storm.


Built in 1961 and having seen a lifetime of use, the original lacquer shows a moderate amount of wear, as seen in the photos, but there's still a lot of original lacquer left on the body. There's signs of past dent work and repair on the inner side of the bottom bow and on the upper crook (“U” tube), but the bottom bow cap is solid, the bell flare has never been bent, and all repair work was done expertly, meaning you've got to know what to look for to even see it. The sax is solid now top to bottom; you'll have no problems with it. The sax retains its original neck with matching serial number, and the neck doesn't appear to have ever been pulled down.


This sax was restored in our shop by Nate Bishop, using Valentino Pro firm leather pads and original style brown nylon resonators. The keys and rods have been painstakingly aligned and fitted so that the horn feels like a brand new instrument under your hands. Action has been set with medium spring tensions and medium-open key heights, just as it would have been from the factory.


This bari is a ripper that will not disappoint. Big beefy bottom end, which is as full and as powerful as you could ever want. Its tone stays fat as you climb into the middle and upper registers. It takes your air quickly and effortlessly, whether you are whispering at low Bb or screaming in the altissimo. Very fun horn to wail on! Ships in a newer lightweight case.