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Original Lacquer 40s Vintage King Zephyr Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 292474

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Product ID: 292474ZephyrTenor


HELP, I Want One!

This is a sweet 1947 vintage King Zephyr series tenor saxophone, serial number 292474. Many of these old Zephyrs have been relacquered at some point, but this one is still in original lacquer, showing excellent coverage too. It has a set of newer pads in it, and is ready for a new owner to enjoy.


The majority of King Zephyr horns we see, both altos and tenors, are old relacs, but not this one. The original lacquer shows excellent coverage with only mild wear from light use. There's some history of dent work in the curve of the bottom bow, but the work is so good that you'll miss it unless you are looking closely. I see no other previous repairs. The neck has been stripped of its lacquer, but is original to the horn, with matching serial number stamped in it.


While the later Zephyrs were definitely cheapened down to student model instruments, these earlier examples are good, pro quality horns. This tenor features a triple ring neckstrap, double socket neck, and a similar feel to King's high end Super 20 model, though with differences here and there, such as the table key layout. Pads on this Zephyr are in great shape, matched with brown nylon resonators, and the action is crisp and fluid. It has a fairly open key height with medium to medium-light spring tension, and feels very comfortable.


This tenor is playing up a storm, and is a solid choice for players who love the vintage King sound, but can't afford a Cleveland era Super 20. This horn takes all of your air and then some! It doesn't back down and hits hard. Very full sounding, with a slightly darker tonality.