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Original Lacquer 1958 Vintage Selmer Mark VI Tenor Sax - Serial # 77962

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Product ID: 77962MarkVITenor


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Freshly Overhauled - a TREMENDOUS Mark VI Tenor

This is a tremendous, 1958 vintage Selmer Mark VI tenor sax in original lacquer, serial number 77962. This tenor shows a fair amount of lacquer wear, but it is completely original, and was just fully repadded in the Saxquest repair shop. It has a premium pad job in it and is a beast of a player.


This is a horn that has been in the real world being played, so it isn't a closet beauty, but it still has plenty of life in her. The original lacquer still shows decent coverage on the “front” of the body, with more wear on the back. The restoration was done in our shop by Chris Funck. He did some dent work in the bottom bow area and upper part of body tube, as well as a couple resolders, all done expertly. It does have its original neck, with matching serial number. The neck one had a pickup which we have removed, and sealed with a flush plug. You can't even see where the pickup was.


The sax was repadded using premium firm leather pads and TM Custom oversized flat metal resonators. It also is using the best synthetic material for adjustment corks and felts, giving the sax a very crisp, clean, and precise feel under your fingers. Chris optimized this tenor with a medium spring tension and medium-open key heights. It feels great and has been set up for optimal response.


The serial number on this horn is just a couple months away from the fabled “80xxx” range, and it plays as well as any Mark VI out there. It has a big presence, easily filling up a room with little effort, and even at max volume, its tone stays warm and fat. You can alternately whisper or scream from the bell keys to the altissimo range. The versatility in this instrument can do it all, from rock to ballads, funk to classical. The last horn you'll ever need to buy.