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Original Gold Plated Martin-made 'The Elkhart' Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 56688

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Product ID: 56688ElkhartTenor


HELP, I Want One!

Amazing Engraving, a Cool Vintage American-Made Tenor!

This is a sweet old vintage Martin-made “The Elkhart” tenor saxophone in original gold plate, serial number 56688. This horn looks exquisite, and the craftsmanship that went into it is remarkable.


Physically, this tenor is very straight. The original gold plating is about 90% intact, with minor finish wear on the touch points and on the back side of the bell where it may rest against the player when playing. The sax has a couple very minor surface pings in the bottom bow, but no serious dents or past trauma, and the bow guard, bell flare, body tube are all in perfect shape. I see no resolders. The original neck has never been pulled down and does have the matching serial number stamped in it.


This sax looks absolutely beautiful. The hand engraving on the bell is something you don't see on saxes made today. It features an ornate floral pattern wrapping all around the bell, with a large Elk engraving dead center and a ship engraved in a large portrait above that. Amazing work.


This sax has been repadded somewhat recently, as the pads don't look all that old (fitted with flat metal resonators. However, it has some leaks as it sits, and could use some adjustment. I don't think it is going to take much, perhaps as little as a couple hours by a veteran tech. If you have a repair bench at home, you could be in and out of the tenor quickly and only be out your time. It does ship in its original hard case.