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Original Gold Plated CG Conn Virtuoso Deluxe Alto Sax - Serial # 130320

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Product ID: 130320ConnArtistAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Collector's Quality Vintage Conn at a Low Price

This is a beautifully engraved vintage C.G. Conn “Virtuoso Deluxe” model alto sax, serial number 130320. This line of saxes was produced by Conn's finest craftsman. They were each individually engraved in unique patterns, and the saxophones themselves featured heavy gold plating and custom finishes.


In their day, these altos were the best you could buy. It featured deluxe engraving wrapping all around the bell and up the back side of the body tube. It was almost entirely custom; Conn allowed their master engravers free reign to make each horn truly unique. This one has a detailed eagle on the bell, as well as extensive floral patterns throughout. These saxes also had mother-of-pearl inlay on many of the touch points, a couple of which are missing on this particular horn. We have fashioned new pearls for these in the past, so that can always be done again down the road. One key has been swapped, the side Bb, as seen in the photos.


In addition to all the custom features, this sax has all the highlights of a Conn of this vintage. It has rolled tone holes, which have never been filed on, as well as a trill G#, and its original microtuner neck. One octave key post on the neck has been resoldered, otherwise the neck shows no previous damages or repairs. The horn itself also shows no past dent work, and currently a couple tiny dings in the bottom bow that can easily come out. The original gold plating shows cosmetic wear, mostly on the back of the horn where you can see the silver plating underneath coming through.


Our repair shop is currently backed up for months, so while we would love to properly restore this sax, it won't be done anytime soon. We have thus decided to offer this alto up as-is at a much lower price. In addition to the pearl work (if you desire) and polishing, it does need a repad. For any serious collector looking to get in to one of these cheap, this is a great opportunity. We have sold these instruments fully restored for $4500+, and you won't find a better deal. Ships in a vintage hard case.