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Original Gold Plated C.G. Conn New Wonder Soprano Saxophone - Serial # 104906

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Product ID: 104906CGConnNW1Sop

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Warm Tone - 1924 Vintage!
Pictured above is an original 1923 gold-plated C.G. Conn New Wonder soprano saxophone, serial number #104906. This one is fairly late in the run and has a gorgeous bell engraving of a flowering tree showing its soft plush essence with intricate detail. 
There aren't any resolders, but an after-market neck strap hook was added. Aside from a current body tube bend, this horn has not had any serious repair in its lifetime.
Players looking for vintage 1920s horns in great condition would dig this one once it was fixed up and working properly. The tone of these New Wonder I models is warm, and the gold plating only accentuates this further. The original case will ship with the soprano.