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Original Florida NO USA Otto Link STM Tenor Sax Mouthpiece - Measures .092

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Product ID: OLinkFL5STenor1013


HELP, I Want One!

With Original "T" Stamped Ligature

This is a true Florida, “no USA” vintage metal Otto Link Super Tone Master tenor sax mouthpiece for the tenor sax. This piece is stamped a 5*. It doesn’t appear to have ever been refaced, in fact, still has much of the original plating on the table, tip, and rails, but it does measure a bit bigger than stamped, closer to .092” (in the 6 - 6* range). Despite its age, this mouthpiece doesn’t show a whole lot of wear, and looks to have spent most of its life in a case somewhere. The original factory bite plate shows minimal wear, and the tip and rails are as clean as they come. Matches well with a medium-hard reed, and plays with a warm sound with a good bite. Ships with its original “T” stamped ligature.