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Original Dave Guardala Handmade Alto Saxophone Mouthpiece - Measures .085

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All original handmade Dava Guardala mouthpiece for the alto sax. This piece doesn't appear to have ever been refaced or messed with, and still shows Dave's handfinishing on the facing, with tip measuring .085”. Just about all of the original plating has worn off, exposing the bare brass, and there's a single tooth indent across the middle of the original pink bite plate. All of this is cosmetic, and the piece still plays great. Tip and rails are in excellent condition. Dave's etching/stamping on the shank, faint even on the best days, has rubbed off almost entirely. Under magnification, I can just barely make out the “DG” on the top of the shank, but I can't see what model or serial number is on the piece. It does showcase a fairly high shelf baffle, as seen in the photos.