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ORIGINAL CG Conn New Wonder Virtuoso Deluxe C-Melody Sax # 124265

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HELP, I Want One!

This is a 1924 vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder series “Virtuoso Deluxe” model C-Melody saxophone, serial number 124265. This horn is a masterpiece of craftsmanship, featuring extensive hand engraving throughout the horn and pearl inlay on nearly all of the touch points.

This horn looks stunning. The original gold plate is 85-90% intact, with only minor wear in a few spots, where you can see the silver plating underneath peaking through. There is one small dent in the bottom bow, but no other damages or previous repairs. It is about as clean as they come. Feature-wise, this horn has it all. The detailed engraving on the bell, bottom bow, and body tube is top notch. It has pearl inlay on all the touch points, including side keys, palm keys, G# cluster, and even the low Eb/C keys and octave key. All of the rolled tone holes are in pristine shape, and the original neck has never been damaged.

The previous owner of this instrument recently repadded it, using all white pads, in an attempt to restore to a factory-like look. In our opinion a better pad should be used, but it is your decision. As it sits the pads are not sealing, and keys are a little clicky, as there are missing corks and felts as well. At minimum the horn could get by on a thorough regulation and “PC”, but a full overhaul can make it that much better.

This is a true piece of art and with some work, can be a great player too! It’s a shame horns are not made to this level any more. This horn is currently in queue for our shop to get a pro setup.