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Older Stock Berg Larsen Hard Rubber 105/3 M Mouthpiece for Alto Saxophone

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Product ID: Berg105o3MAltMW


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Hard Rubber Berg - 105/3 M
This is an older stock Berg Larsen hard rubber 105/3 mouthpiece for alto saxophone. The mouthpiece is in nice condition and shows off a rather larger facing that is typically only found on special orders. This particular piece measures a hair over its stamped measurement at .106”. 
The body of the piece is in good condition showing just a little play wear around the beak. Its facing profile is also in good condition showing just a little bit of cosmetic play wear. If you are looking for a piece that will take in a ton of air this Berg is going to be very appealing. The bullet chamber shape gives it plenty of power and the 3 baffle configuration keeps it from being overly bright.