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Older RPC Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone – JVW .100

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RPC – Worked on by Jon Van Wie
This is very nice playing RPC hard rubber mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. It was stamped originally as a .110 by RPC but was later reworked by mouthpiece tech Jon Van Wie. It now measures a 7 at .100”.
The piece has seen normal past use and shows some light cosmetic blemishing here and there but is in great shape with no major wear. Its facing is also in very clean condition. The profile of the tip and side rails is in great shape as is the table. This piece features a wide open throat leading into rolled inner side walls and steady floor slope with low baffle. It plays with quick response to air flow and produces a medium warm sound. The piece is nice player in the way it keeps a consistent roundness while maintaining plenty of clarity.