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Older Otto Link Super Tone Master 7* for Alto Saxophone .085” With Ligature

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Product ID: OlinkSTM7sAltME


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Otto Link Super Tone Master for Alto
This is an older Otto Link Super Tone Master for alto saxophone in a 7* tip opening. The mouthpiece shows history of having been well played over the years. The outer body and shank are in nice shape showing some light scratching here and there. Its beak is in good shape with a small indentation from previous use. The facing profile of the piece does show some cosmetic character from past reed placement but the side rails and tip are clean. 
This piece is ideal for someone looking for a slightly warmer piece for small groups. It has a rich color to the way it plays and is good for the player looking for a little more resistance to lean into. 
The tip opening on this piece measures .085”.