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Older Otto Link Hard Rubber #6 Tone Edge for Tenor Saxophone

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Product ID: Olink6HRTenME


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Otto Link Tone Edge
This is an older Otto Link Tone Edge hard rubber mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. The piece is in excellent physical condition showing typical cosmetic character. Its facing of the table, tip and side rails is excellent.  The outer body is also in great shape including the beak. 
This piece was inspected and play tested in our shop. It measures a true 6 tip opening at .090”. The side to side measurements of the facing are also true. This is a stellar player and is a notch above the majority of the current projection Tone Edges we get in the shop. It has a deep full resonating sound with a darker color. Projection is excellent and reminiscent of the slightly warmer Blue Note era you want to find in a piece like this one.