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Older Meyer 9M Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone - Warm and Responsive

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Meyer M9 for Tenor
This is an older Meyer 9 for tenor saxophone in metal. The mouthpiece includes the original cap and ligature set. This piece has seen some history of play time in the past but is in still in solid condition with a clean facing profile. The piece has a slimmer outer body similar to a Berg with a long slopped beak. Its inside shows medium chamber configuration with deep long slope leading to the tip rail with no baffle and straight inner side walls. 
The Meyer plays with a warm sound, very clear in its sonic pronunciation. Despite physically looking slimmer like a Berg it shares more characteristics with a good Otto Link STM. We do not often see these come into the shop so it was a nice treat to play test this one. Ships with cap and ligature. 
The tip opening on this piece is .095". In Otto Link measurements this is equivalent to a 6*.