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Older Dukoff Super Power Chamber D9 for Tenor Saxophone - Powerful Player!

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Product ID: DukoffD9SPCTenJB


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Dukoff D9 Super Power Chamber
This is a fantastic playing Dukoff Super Power Chamber metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. The mouthpiece ships with an older Rovner ligature and cap set. It is a nice treat to get a good playing D9 in the shop. Most of the time these Dukoff pieces come in overly worn out in the facing and are not playable. This one in particular is in good shape and is a great player. 
A good playing Dukoff like this one is ideal for the commercial musician who needs something with a lot of power and a bright sound. The inner workings of this piece show case a long drop baffle and a wide open chamber. 
The body of this mouthpiece is in good shape overall showing signs of plenty of past use. There is a small indentation on the original black bite plate, but nothing too serious. The facing of the piece shows some imperfections very typical of mouthpiece made out of silverite. Its side to side measurements are nice and even and the tip measures .110”. This is closer to an 8 in Otto Link measurements.