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Older Berg Larsen Bullet Chamber 110/1 M Metal Mouthpiece for Tenor Sax

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Product ID: Berg110o1MMetTenMA


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Berg 110/1 M - Tip Opening Measures .100"
This is a used Berg Larsen bullet chamber 110/1 M metal mouthpiece for tenor saxophone. This is easily one of the uglier pieces we have in right now. But despite its looks it is quite a nice player. It has a crisp response and a clear brilliant color with plenty of body and character. The sound stays intensely focused and consistent across the entire sax with out becoming thin in the upper register. 
The facing profile of the piece is in decent condition showing some cosmetic wear from a lot of past play time. Its outer body and is in similar condition showing some wear on one side. The black bite plate on the beak is in good shape. This is a pretty flexible playing mouthpiece. It has a nice brighter color buts by no means a super bright mouthpiece. If you are looking to get a good Berg for a bargain price and do not care what it looks like this piece is going to be easy to fall in love with. 
The tip opening on this piece measures .100". In Otto Link measurements this is a 7.