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Older Berg Larsen 110/2M Hard Rubber for Tenor Saxophone – Original Ligature

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Product ID: Berg110o2MHRTenMB


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This is an older Berg Larsen hard rubber mouthpiece for tenor saxophone in a 110/2 M facing. The tip opening of the piece measures a little under the 110 mark at .108”. This particular piece was most likely made in the late 70's or the early 1980's. It plays with a highly exceptional free blowing response and has a nice warm quality to its sound as well. The response is light years ahead of the majority of current production Berg Larsen pieces that come through the shop. 
Physically the piece is in solid condition around the body, beak and shank showing some typical cosmetic play wear. The inner workings of this Berg showcase the signature Berg Larsen bullet chamber and rolled baffle. This mouthpiece ships with a vintage Berg Larsen ligature with knurled screws.