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Old New-Stock RIA 8* Metal Mouthpiece in Silver Plate for Alto Saxophone - 0.098-inch/2.49 mm

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Pristine Old New-Stock!
This is an old new-stock metal mouthpiece by RIA in an 8* tip opening for alto saxophone, with a tip measurement of 0.098-inch/2.49 mm. This mouthpiece has only been played a handful of times and still retains its engraving protector placed before distribution. There are no marks anywhere, not even on the bite plate. The concentric circles on the table and rails are still prominent as the day this piece was cut.
These RIA pieces are interesting as they are modeled after classic Berg Larsen bullet chambers. Their sidewalls are flat and angled inward, the baffle is raised and leads to a cavernous rounded chamber that follows the contour of the body. This piece plays with tons of projection potential, and it gains a bit of brilliance the louder you get. It will take as much air as you want to send, seriously, and keep your tone full and balanced from top to bottom.
Physically, this piece is in immaculate condition, the protective tape seems to have performed its purpose and kept markings off the exterior! The side rails, rail tip, and table are in perfect condition, all the concentric machine marks are still pominent. Players looking for a massive volume increase and cutting power would really dig this piece, it doesn't go overboard on brightness
This piece ships in perfect pristine condition with its original two-screw ligature, and silver plated mouthpiece cap and original box.