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Nickel Plated CG Conn New Wonder C-Melody Saxophone - Serial # 55952

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Our Price: $ 650.00

Product ID: 55952ConnCMelody

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Here's a cool old horn going back to the early years of the Conn factory in Elkhart. This is a 1919 vintage Conn New Wonder (first series) C Melody saxophone, serial number 55952. This horn is a cool, low priced addition to any collector's suite of saxes, and looks fantastic.


This “C tenor” is in nearly perfect nickel plating, with virtually no finish wear to speak of.Its a beautiful instrument! The body and neck are perfect with no signs of prior damage or repair, and the package is complete with its original hard case.


It was padded a few years back in another shop. The are starting to show some age, fitted with flat metal resonators, but the sax is still playing decently on its existing set up. We are selling the sax as-is to keep the price down. As it sits, it is blowing through some minor leaks with a nice spread open sound. In my experience, nickel plating on a sax always results in a brighter tone, and that holds true here too, as this sax as a definite edgier quality to its timbre. A fun sax to play at a great price!