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Nickel Plated CG Conn 'Chu Berry' Tenor Saxophone - Serial # 186813

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Our Price: $ 1,995.00

Product ID: 186813ConnTenor

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This is a 1926 vintage C.G. Conn New Wonder II “Chu Berry” model tenor sax in nickel plate, serial number 186813. This tenor is a fantastic option for players on a budget looking for a workhorse of a horn. It is in solid shape and is a whole lot of player for the price.


As you can see in the photos, the nickel plating is in great shape overall, a solid 90%+ intact, with only minor wear on some keys and touch points. The sax shows a fair amount of dings and dimples, and while we won't go after every little ding, we will take out the worst of the dents and make sure it is sound physically. There is some past dent work to the bottom bow, but no other past dent work that I can spot. The neck is not original, but it is a vintage Conn neck, also in nickel plate to match the horn.


Pads are still in good shape with lots of life left in them, all fitted with brown plastic resonators. This tenor will get a fresh cleaning and adjustment from our repair shop before shipping, where we will do some dent work as previously mentioned, and replace some of the pads to bring the sax up to snuff. There's a notch in the neckstrap ring as seen in the photos; our techs may take that off and turn it around if they think the durability of the ring has been compromised.


I've always found the nickel plated Chu's to have a bigger, beefier sound, and that is definitely the case here. This tenor plays with a lot of resonance; you can feel it under your fingers. Big, spread sound that just leaps out of the bell. If you want a dependable tenor that has been around the block, but which still has plenty to offer, you can't go wrong at this price.