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NICE Yamaha Custom EX Soprano with High G - LOW PRICE - Serial # 003130

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Product ID: 003130YamahaEXSoprano


HELP, I Want One!

This is a fantastic original Yamaha Custom EX soprano sax, serial number 003130. This is Yamaha's top of the line pro soprano, featuring keywork to high G and detachable straight and curved necks (G2 and G2R). This sax is just a year or two old and available for a significant discount.


This is a one-owner horn from a pro player who took awesome care of it. The sax had one tiny chair ding in the bell when we received it, which we removed seamlessly. There are no other dents or signs of repair, including no resolders. Cosmetically the lacquer is close to 100%, only a couple minor surface scratches here and there. Both necks are perfect. The sax is in original pads with brown plastic resonators, and they are still in like-new condition. Even the original case looks great.


This sax plays with a focused, centered core sound, and takes your air effortlessly with a free and easy response. Intonation is impeccable, and it plays smoothly from low Bb up into the palm keys. A tremendous horn for classical or quartet work, but can easily fit well in the jazz setting with the right mouthpiece. An awesome deal on a Custom EX.