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NICE Vintage Buescher True Tone Tru-Lay Bari Sax Mouthpiece w/ Ligature

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Product ID: BuescherTTBari214


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This is a very cool, somewhat rare Buescher Tru-Lay True Tone mouthpiece for the bari sax. We often see these in soprano, alto, and tenor, but rarely find bari examples any more; Buescher produced fare fewer numbers of these. Dating back to the 1920s, this piece would have originally come with one of the popular True Tone models. Despite its age, it is in spectacular condition. The hard rubber has oxidized to a darker brown color, but there is little physical wear to speak of. Tip, rails, table, and beak all look great. The facing is original with tip measuring .067”, which is obviously small by today's standards, but that was the norm when this piece was made. There is plenty of room at the tip if you'd like to have this piece opened later. Because of the fatter body, finding ligatures to fit can be a chore, so we are including a standard 2 screw metal ligature that does fit.