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NICE! TM Custom Cognac Lacquer Tenor Sax – Rolled Tone Hole No High F#, Serial #00820

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Product ID: 00820TMCustCLTen


HELP, I Want One!

TM Custom - No High F#
The TM features a true rounded tone hold and not a soldered ring. By utilizing a seamless rolled tone hole and soldering the bell to body brace the entire horn responds faster and resonates freer. Unlike some saxophone manufactures who offer rounded tone holes or soldered tone rings, each TM Custom is gone through with great care to ensure each tone hole is level. When the rolled tone holes are perfectly level they increase the surface area of the pad seat, which in turn creates a better seal and an extremely stable long lasting set-up.
This one in particular was previously owned and professionally played for a short period of time. It shows some minimal cosmetic wear. Some light scratching but nothing serious. The body is in perfect physical condition as is the original neck. There is not history of dent or solder work on the saxophone. 
Years of product testing and research went into the TM Custom with the end result of a lush vintage sound. These horns play with a warm core and fast response to air flow. Whether you are looking to play with a more intense focus or a mellow sub-tone the TM Custom’s fast response allows for an unbelievable amount of flexibility. Intonation and the consistency of timbre across all registers is outstanding on these tenors, even up into the extreme upper register.
This tenor is currently in the Saxquest shop being professionally set-up and ships in perfect playing condition. It does include the original TM Custom contoured carrying case.