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Nice! Ted Klum Classic 5 Hard Rubber Mouthpiece for Alto Sax

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Product ID: TedKlumClass5AltMF


HELP, I Want One!

Ted Klum Classic for Alto
This is a nice and very lightly played Ted Klum CLASSIC USA mouthpiece for alto sax in a 5 facing. Ted makes some of the best mouthpieces around and we are always excited to see them come through our shop. 
The Classic is a fantastic playing mouthpiece for anyone looking for a great straight ahead jazz sound. It takes in the air quick and has a medium warm color with plenty of personality. The sound has a rich fullness to it. The character of its sound and response is consistent from end to end and does not become diffuse or thin when you push it. 
These pieces show off a medium inner chamber with slanted side walls and very subtle baffle shaping below the tip rail. This piece has a very clear “Meyer” esk vibe. The tip opening on this mouthpiece is .075”.