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NICE Original Yanagisawa T-901 Tenor Sax in Gold Lacquer - Serial # 00298388

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Product ID: 00298388Yan901Tenor


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Yanagisawa 901

This is a very nice, lightly used Yanagisawa T901 tenor saxophone, serial number 00298388. This is a great professional model sax if you want a slightly more open/resonant sound than what the T991/TWO10 can give. It will ship with a fresh cleaning and adjustment from our shop, and ready to give years of enjoyment to its next owner.


This tenor is in overall excellent physical condition. There are 2 past damages, and neither is a big deal. The bottom bow once took a hit right on the bow cap, so there's a slight dimple there that won't come out since it is on the cap, but it is purely cosmetic. Unfortunately the bell flare bent in shipping to us, and we'll take that out and make it right, but there will be some lacquer creasing/wear from the work. It will have the proper curve when we are done. No other damages of note, just a couple tiny pencil-point pings which we will remove as well, and no resolders or major lacquer wear. During our work, we'll do all the necessary repairs as well replace all material and adjust the horn out for optimal response and intonation.


I've always liked the 901/WO1 more than then 991/WO10, even though the latter is more expensive. Without the added weight of minirib construction, this 901 is a very full and resonant player, and takes all of the air you can push through it without a lot of resistance. It remains a focused instrument with superb intonation, but isn't as dark as a 991, meaning you can do more with it. Great for jazz or classical, this tenor will do it all. Ships in its original case as pictured.