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NICE Original Lacquer Buescher Aristocrat BIG B Alto Sax - Serial # 296549

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Product ID: 296549BigBAlto

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This is a very nice, original lacquer Buescher Aristocrat “Big B” engraved alto sax, serial number 296549. This alto shows lacquer wear from normal use over the years, but has never been abused, and has good pads with all original hardware.


The original lacquer is around 90%, with most of the wear found on the bell around the engraving as is so commonly seen, as the factory engraving on these old Bueschers ran very deep. There are no major dents and no previous repairs, including no resolders. The sax still has all of its original snap-in metal resonators, gold plated Norton springs, and amber rollers. The original “01” neck has never been damaged either.


Pads are a few years old, but still have lots of life in them. The sax is currently in our repair shop in line for our fresh pro set up, where we'll replace a few pads and all material, and perform a fresh adjustment. We'll make sure it comes to you in tip-top playing shape.


These early pre-Selmer Aristocrat horns have long been an open secret among players as a quality horn to be had for a good price. This alto plays with a sweet, darker tone, with excellent resonance and a quick response. It takes your air very fast and converts that to a big, open sound, with strong projection. A great horn for the player looking for the warmer jazz sound. Ships in a hardshell contoured case.