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NICE Original Lacquer Buescer Big B Alto Saxophone - Serial # 294913

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Product ID: 294913BigBAlto


HELP, I Want One!

Buescher Big B

This is a very clean original lacquer Buescher Aritocrat “Big B” series alto sax, serial number 294913. This alto looks great with just ding in the bottom bow and some minor lacquer wear. It hasn't seen a ton of playing in its life, but we're hoping the next owner changes that!


This alto looks great, with 90%+ original lacquer intact. There's the one ding mentioned, but no other dents or signs of previous repair. The original “01” neck is in excellent condition. The horn still has the majority of its original snap-in metal domed resonators and most of the gold plated Norton springs (just a couple have been replaced).


This sax came to us on old pads well past prime, and is currently in need on an overhaul. We are offering it as-is, if you'd like to buy it at a low price and have your own tech do the work, or with the option to have us perform the work. Our overhaul would include all new pads and material while retaining the original snaps and springs, and pro regulation. We'd also take that dent out and optimize the action throughout.


Anyone who buys this alto will fall in love. Once the pad work is complete, this'll be a fine player, with the response and resonance that this series of Bueschers are legendary for.