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New York Vintage Meyer Bros Alto Sax Mouthpiece - Brian Powell Custom .078

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Product ID: MeyerBros4LAltoMS


HELP, I Want One!

This is an early New York vintage Meyer Bros mouthpiece for the alto sax. Originally a 4, this piece has been opened by Brian Powell, refaced to a modern 6 at .078”. As always, his work on the tip and rails is top notch. This piece previously had a crack in the shank, which has been sealed, and the shank banded with a heavy ring to protect from future damage (see pictures 7 & 8). There's a couple light indents on top of the mouthpiece body from past ligatures, but no deep teeth indents in the beak. The piece plays maybe just a hair brighter than other Meyer Bros pieces I've played, and retains a very fast response and excellent projection.